The whitewater is so good along the rim of the plateau, former Olympic kayaker Eric Jackson moved to Sparta and opened Jackson Kayak; he has since become one of our largest employers. From the Class V whitewater froth of the Upper Caney Fork, to the mild flat water along the Calfkiller River there are streams here to suit every skill level.  If you are a kayak fisherman, adding the shoreline of the three lakes that pass through the highlands, gives a greater length than the entire coastline of Florida. The Chamber of Commerce sells a map which shows the proximity of the rivers to the roads making launch and retrieval a breeze. You can spend hours or days on these rivers; overnights are recommended.

A few of the rivers are listed below. If you would like an outfitter, please call:

the-happy-yakkerThe Happy Yaker

120 Powerhouse Road

Walling, TN



four-rivers-kayaking2Four Rivers Kayaking





Some of the streams are listed below, check back for pictures, descriptions, and access points.

Calfkiller River

Upper Calfkiller <county line south to main street boat ramp>


Middle Calfkiller <City Lake Dam to Church Street Ramp>


Lower Calfkiller <Hwy 111 bridge to Rock Island Lake>


Caney Fork River <Frasier Chapel Bridge to Plum Lee Ford>

< Fork Hole to Big Bottom>

< Eastland to Fork Hole>  CLASS V


Falling Water River


Collins Scenic River


Rocky River


Cane Creek


Rock Island Lake